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Styles P music – hybrid NFT



Styles P was put on to Web3 back in October of 2021 and has been focused on transitioning his Web2 presence in entertainment and business to Web3. His enthusiasm for the space shows just by looking at all the projects and artists he has supported in his short period time collecting NFT’s. His first step as a creator on the blockchain was a project anthem for the Wall St Bulls and the Ghost Bulls were born with artwork by Cam Rackam. When Styles P felt ready to begin the planning of his first NFT, he drafted a well balanced team including MΞT∆DUTCH, Brando, and Our Artist, Dino Belli. Since then we have been consistently building utility to make this more than just a Music NFT but a Hybrid Music NFT focused on educating and on-boarding Styles P’s massive Web2 audience, while granting dope artwork, access and entertainment, to that combined and growing Web3 audience.

This project before anything is going to be Styles P’s first lyrical artwork combined with digital artwork, on the blockchain. Each NFT will have creative visual traits based on the culture of our community that we are building through conversation and more specifically our trait-suggestions channel in our discord. Styles P will be adding a track attached to each NFT, and that track will range from common to rare, similar to a visual trait. We will also be rewarding holders that collect each track. Additionally, we will be connecting certain utility to traits that would give you access to events and free/discounted products to multiple Styles P brands. This includes Farmacy For Life, which is his web based marketplace for health products, Strain Gang which is his recently launched marijuana brand. Going forward Styles P will only execute strategic partnerships in music and business if you own one of his NFT’s. We plan on training his staff to onboard customers to our secondary market by explaining the perks to owning the NFT and being a patron of the store.

In order to continue to succeed in this space we are creating a community wallet to sustain the project long-term. Quality merchandise collaborations has always been something special to Styles P. We have already collaborated with legends in the exclusive fashion space, such as Awake NY and Cult of Individuality and we plan on releasing the dopest Farmacy Fantom merch possible. By default we will be executing some of the most exclusive meet-ups physically and virtually. We also want to onboard influential friends close to Styles P to create a group of talented entertainers and influencers to lead the task of brand awareness. We will need to constantly move our brand forward by dedicating a percentage of the royalties from the streaming revenue to go back into the project, along with other potential business opportunities that we will present and have the community vote.

Once we sort out the details, we will be releasing what traits get added utility, so factions will have more than just community to be excited for. You can expect to have some cool interactions with Styles inside of the Discord regardless, but we will schedule some great AMA sessions inside of our voice chat, for holders only. Additionally we want to be a trailblazer when it comes to immersive virtual music performances, so we want to create a Rap 2 Earn platform which will reward holders to participate in events that will be held by Styles P and select special guests. This will also include performances by some of top artists in the industry, as well as up and coming talent that will have an opportunity to collaborate with artists within our elite circle.